Version History

Version numbers are just rough representations of the amount of work from one to the next. Versions printed in bold numbers were 'release' versions which have been archived for historical purposes. All other releases are intermediate stages. In fact, version 5 is the first one which has actually been publically released under a free licence.

There are four basic 'generations' of this board. The first one ranges from 0.1 to 2.2. Those versions were written in PHP3, with close to zero requirements to the database system. One central goal was to keep server and database load as low as possible, resulting in lots of hardcoded, but optimized parts. Also, it was supposed to look identical in all browsers, no matter how old.

Development on the next generation, version 3, was started in 2004, with the goal to make things more flexible. After a few weeks of programming, it was abandoned. In 2006, work on yet another version was picked up. It was called version 4, to signify the amount of work put into it being virtually identical (if not more) to what's been done up to 2.2.

Initially (in the first generation), the version numbers were based on a poll trying to find out what people would expect of a 'version 1.0' board software. Starting with 5.0, incrementing is done more conservatively, i.e. there are smaller steps for more changes.

  • 0.1: posting
  • 0.125: long threads spread across multiple pages
  • 0.15: member list
  • 0.3: user accounts
  • 0.35: cookie support
  • 0.36: users can change passwords
  • 0.5: customizing functions (one central config file, html header & footer), remade hardcoded parts
  • 0.6: adding, modifying and deleting forums via admin panel
  • 0.61: member status displayed with every post, required to enter new password twice to change it
  • 0.62: modifying & deleting members from admin panel
  • 0.65: member profiles: homepage and avatars added
  • 0.7: new thread layout with member info & avatar shown
  • 0.775: editing and deleting posts
  • 0.8: opening, closing, moving and deleting topics
  • 0.85: posting has been 'moved' to its own page; showing thread in reversed order when replying
  • 0.87: graphical smilies added
  • 0.9: previewing posts option
  • 0.95: installer programmed
  • 0.97: who is online function added
  • 0.98: forum stats displayed on front page
  • 1.0 Final: e-mail notification for replies, alternating background colour for posts; all bugs fixed
  • 1.1: all colours, fonts and general settings can be changed via admin panel
  • 1.15: modifying html header and footer via admin panel
  • 1.2: advanced avatar handling: uploading avatars to server, restricting avatar size, pre-installed avatars
  • 1.22: all forum stats correctly updated after moving & deleting topics
  • 1.25: submitting posts from preview
  • 1.27: preview from edit/post page
  • 1.29: more forwarding options after posting & editing posts
  • 1.3: 'last activity' on the main page linked to topics
  • 1.31: 'newest member' displayed on the main page
  • 1.33: option to hide e-mail address (secure contact form for these members)
  • 1.4: restricted announcements forum in which only mods & admins can post
  • 1.42: IP logging with every post
  • 1.45: new posts since last visit
  • 1.48: memberstages
  • 1.5 Final: more member info, signatures, new session system
  • 1.53: banning by IP and e-mail address
  • 1.55: deleting whole threads updates members' post counts
  • 1.58: flood control
  • 1.6 Gold: guest posting can be turned off by board admin
  • 1.61: automated quoting
  • 1.65: file attachments
  • 1.75: private messenger
  • 1.85: polls
  • 1.86: more 'Spam Code' tags
  • 1.87: several minor bugfixes and additions
  • 1.9 Final: major compatibility fixes for non-CSS browsers
  • 2.0 Platinum: clickable smilies, clickable board code, quick jump between forums, completely new member system
  • 2.1: various security enhancements against dictionary attacks
  • 2.2 Final: search function, birthday calendar, pinned topics, several minor bugfixes, polished admin panel
  • 3.0: Unfinished & unreleased (abandoned in favour of more advanced v4)
  • 4.0: virtually complete rewrite using advanced features of newer PHP and MySQL versions (too many changes to list; central changes: new session handling, forum categories, got rid off database redundancy, skinning system, 'dot' folders, splitting and merging of topics, modular system for languages and databases (so they're replacable easily))
  • 5.0: another rewrite, adopting object orienting coding style, introducing actual flexible group and rights handling and yet stronger database abstraction; reintroduced some database redundancy for performance reasons
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